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Water info

We know that our bodies consist of around 70 % water, depending on our age. We can survive without food for a few weeks, but without water it is just a few days. If we consume water containing toxins, we are, over a period of years, creating the starting point for problems or illnesses. While our water is often harmless in chemical terms, it is often heavily loaded with toxin information.

Man and water

Water - the creative force for all life

All life began in the ancient oceans. Like the earth, our bodies consist of around 70 % water. The health of our planet and therefore our own health is directly causally linked to the degree of purity and the energy content of our water.
It is water that makes it possible for the cell groups in an organism to communicate by fulfilling the following functions, among others:

  • Transport of nutrients
  • Promote cleansing
  • Remove waste products from the metabolism
  • Maintain the osmotic pressure of the cells
  • Regulate body temperature  

Insufficient saturation of the body with water, i.e. drinking less than 2 litres a day, leads to a shortage, the body gets thirsty, which in turn leads to premature ageing of the body cells.

Water and light

Matter is produced by the deceleration of energy vibrations, and the energy forms of water are solid, liquid and gas. Water as a matter has a specific geometric form: it forms tetrahedrons, one of the five platonic bodies. The formation of these hydrogen connections involves biophotons, which represent pure light energy. This proves that water is also an energy supplier and energy source, i.e. the structuring process for water contains pure light energy. This explains why pure H2O is the product of chemical cleaning processes. The structure and therefore the energy content are lost, however, and this is what we call dead water. It is not the matter which is responsible for the presence of the energy content, but the structuring, which binds in light energy.
Water has a memory like an elephant. Every water molecule has its own unmistakeable identity, no two are the same. If you melt a snowflake under natural conditions and freeze it again under the same conditions, the snowflake formed will be exactly the same. So we can conclude: water has the capacity to remember. So water is more than just H2O, if it is not destroyed and robbed of the capacity to store information by careless handling of the geometric structure, which damages the hydrogen bridges which connect water molecules and thus destroys the electromagnetic frequency pattern. Water can only store information when in a structured, energy-binding state.

Tap water

To supply drinking water, the water is taken from what is known as raw water. It must be treated before it can be drunk. Water refining plants regularly check the quality of their water in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. Many of the chemical toxins (pesticides, fungicides) present in the water are not tested, let alone filtered out. When we drink the water, not only do we take in individual substances, but often whole cocktails of toxins.

Chalk in tap water

Limescale in the tap water largely comes from regions with high levels of chalk and thus contains many calcium and magnesium salts. Very hard water (i.e. with a high level of chalk) can lead, among other things, to

  • significantly reduced service life for pipes (limescale deposits eventually silting up the whole pipe, etc.)
  • increased energy consumption and damage to equipment that uses water (washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, boiler, industrial machinery, etc.)
  • various health issues

Mineral water

Mineral water is water from mineral sources or water to which mineral salts and/or carbon dioxide is added artificially. Mineral waters and spa waters are by no means empty, i.e. can be absorbed for bodily cleansing. Their mineral content is generally too high for detoxification purposes. The use of mineral water makes sense for a limited period, but not long term. Some mineral waters would not be allowed as tap water for consumers as the limits for drinking water are often exceeded.

What does water energy harmonisation mean?

The effect of light energy harmonises the chaotic destructive water structure, which still contains the information about high levels of environmental pollution, etc. despite intensive chemical cleansing processes. By influencing the information and realigning the polarisation of the water, the water is restructured and energy is included. The water is revitalised and its new structure means that the habitat for bacteria is removed and they cannot reform because of the structured nature of the water.
Another consequence of the revitalisation process is a provable influence - in physical and energetic terms - on the negative information contained in the water (studies by the Boltzmann Institute in Graz).

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