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Spring water from the tap

memon® -solutions for water

Would you like good-tasting, naturally harmonised water of spring water quality? You can have this at home or in the office using the memon® Water Transformer. By completely deleting all pathogenic information and shifting the vibrations to the natural, right-polar range analogous to sunlight, the natural quality and vibration harmony is restored to the water.

It is simple to install in your home and you will feel the change immediately: the water coming out of the taps is noticeably softer, tastes delicious and rich, and feels silky and pleasant on the skin when you are having a bath or shower. Our users' experience shows that the improved quality helps save up to 40 % on soap and detergent. The renatured structure significantly reduces limescale and what is left can easily be removed with a damp cloth, which also protects your pipes and appliances which use water. Animal lovers are constantly telling us how their pets now prefer the water to rainwater. You can even see that your plants grow at above-average rates. Improve the natural life energy in your home and experience increased vitality and wellbeing - with memon®-harmonised water!

We would like to explicitly point out that memon's products are not medicines or medical products in accordance with the German Medicines Ordinance or the Medical Products Act.

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