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Use mobiles and cordless phones without risk

modern communication - everywhere

Would you like your mobile to be harmless to your body? Are you aware of the risks of high-frequency, pulsed permanent radiation from cordless phones and would you like to render them harmless?

Then the Telephone Transformer from memon® is an ideal solution.

It deletes damaging information waves using resonance. This removes the damaging effect of the radiation from mobiles or cordless phones and the body no longer reacts with stress, as shown by various measurements before and after fitting. Headaches, tiredness, irritability and faintness caused by mobile or cordless phones - all things of the past with memon® environmental technology!

The effective range of the telephone transformer
The effective range of the telephone transformer

We would like to explicitly point out that memon's products are not medicines or medical products in accordance with the German Medicines Ordinance or the Medical Products Act.

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