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Radiation in vehicles

Inside vehicles, there are electro-static charge fields which can affect the human body in the long term. These charge fields are generated by friction in the air and by the increasing number of electrical circuits and technical components in modern vehicles.

  • There are now up to 8000 m of cable
  • 60 - 100 motors
  • up to 60 microprocessors
  • various transmitters (remote control, telephone)
  • These blast the interior with toxins.
  • electrostatic charge

The kinds of stresses in our motor vehicles


(dynamo, control units, adjusters, instrumentation, wiring harness, sound systems)
Electro-smog is unnatural. It is an artificial product of our technological era - a kind of waste product from modern industry. The generation, transport and consumption of electricity in motor vehicles produces electrical and magnetic fields which are constantly emitting pathogenic (illness inducing) information into the environment. 0.1 microtesla is the average normal value in the home. 0.2 microtesla is already deemed hazardous to health. Values of up to 18 microtesla have been measured in cars (depending on the type). The different electrical circuits and the air friction also produce electrostatic charge fields. These can be up to 20,000 V/m and have a long-term negative effect on the human body. Direct magnetic fields are also present in the car when it is not being driven (ignition coils and magnetised metal components).

Air pollution

(Plastics, foam, paint, glue, air-conditioning, upholstery)

Particles from plastic, glue, artificial fibres, carpets and external air pollution (ventilation) provide unpleasant smells and high levels of airborne toxins. Because of these influences, it is barely possible to establish a balanced ionic field.

Radio wave pollution

(car telephone, mobile phone, navigation system)

As well as the pollution mentioned above, there is the negative influence from the car telephone, mobile phone, navigation system, etc.

Among other things, this can lead to:


  • Early tiredness
  • Concentration problems
  • Irritability
  • Nervousnes
  • Downturn in performance
  • Fear
  • Stress


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