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Motor vehicles

Healthy driving with the memon Motor Vehicle Transformer

Driving a car puts a real strain on the driver's body.

Permanent vibrations in the vehicle lead not only to stress on the actual seat, but also have jarring effects on the spinal column. Complaints such as tension in the neck and shoulder area and cold feet thanks to poor circulation can make driving sheer hell.
Not only the poor air quality thanks to emissions from all motor vehicles, but also the electro-smog from all the technical gizmos fitted and particulates from upholstery, glues and exhausts make driving a car an extreme situation for the driver. And that is before we take into account the mental stress caused by modern traffic.
The various electrical circuits and air friction within the car can also cause electromagnetic voltage fields which have a long-term effect on the body.

The Motor Vehicle Transformer from memon® is a very effective aid.

The memon Motor Vehicle Transformer harmonises the damaging information in the electromagnetic and static fields. It protects against external and internal electromagnetic interference fields and reduces electrostatic charge to a minimum. By repolarising the whole vehicle, even the air friction resistance can be reduced. Car drivers have reported that they have even reduced fuel consumption as a result.

Vehicles of all kinds, including cars, lorries, motor homes, buses, ships and motorboats can all benefit from the memon® Motor Vehicle Transformer.


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We would like to explicitly point out that memon's products are not medicines or medical products in accordance with the German Medicines Ordinance or the Medical Products Act.

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