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Heat cleanly - with the memon® Heating Transformer!

Would you like a long service life for your heating system to reduce repair and replacement costs? You can achieve this with a Heating Transformer from memon®. The deletion of the existing damaging vibration information and the harmonisation of the water in the heating circuit means that rust cannot form as easily and less limescale is deposited. This protects your radiators, boiler and pipes. As all memon® systems are tailored to one another, the Thermoplus Heating Transformer has a supporting, stabilising effect on air quality in conjunction with the memon® Four-System Combi-Transformer. Ensure a harmonised climate and increase the service life of your heating system - with memon© environmental technology.

We would like to explicitly point out that memon's products are not medicines or medical products in accordance with the German Medicines Ordinance or the Medical Products Act.

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