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Scientific findings

New scientific findings prove what Paracelsus already knew:
"A sick bed is a sure-fire way of ruining your health."

The invisible danger: Earth rays, water veins, electrosmog!

Negative influences on the body and mind, you can't see them but you can feel them: Earth rays, water veins, electrosmog! Is it in the imagination, or scientifically proven? - An important topic, with no limits. The existence of these pathogenic vibrations has been proven sufficiently for many serious scientists and established doctors, such as Veronika Carstens.

The latest medical research proves: The basis for vitality and health in humans is a healthy environment. Therefore, the most important place in our lives is where we sleep. There is nowhere where we spend more of our time than in these two square metres. It is where we should be regenerating ourselves during the night.
Especially during sleep phases, our body reacts particularly sensitively to the different natural and technological interference fields. Numerous experiments allow us to conclude that radiation has always been a factor in serious illnesses like tumours and cancer.
The memon® Transformer System was developed to allow as many people as possible to harmonise their homes / apartments in a simple, uncomplicated way.

Rheumatism, back pain, sleep problems, joint pain, gout, cold feet?

Albert Einstein promoted the research of Earth radiation as long ago as 1932.

Even in the past, many outstanding scientists and other highly educated public figures have been open towards the phenomenon of dowsing. For example, Prof Ferdinand Sauerbruch and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Albert Einstein and the Nobel Prize winner Max Planck requested a department for research into Earth radiation at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin as long ago as 1932. In modern times, university professors König and Betz have corroborated the existence of Earth rays in many thousands of experiments and series of tests.
The formal requests from famous doctors the likes of Dr Veronika Carstens were no doubt thanks to this government-funded research. In summary: "If it is true that all possible incidences of cancer must involve a single factor - i.e. the effect of Earth rays - then it is irresponsible not to research this phenomenon with all resources available."

"Medical science needs to have a rethink."
Sensational experiment by Freiherr von Pohl...

Back in 1929, dowser Gustav Freiherr von Pohl carried out a sensational experiment: He tested the town of Vilsbiburg / Niederbayern for Earth rays, having never been there before or knowing anybody there. These tests were "supervised by the authorities".
Von Pohl drew a plan and marked houses standing on extremely strong Earth radiation fields. A comparison by the local doctor and senior member of the medical council, Dr Bernhuber, with post-mortem findings over the previous 12 years showed that all the deaths from cancer had occurred in the marked houses. The publication of the findings led to serious discussions, especially among doctors. At the Bavarian Surgeons Conference in Munich 1931, a number of doctors felt that the results presented were so clear and irrefutable that medical science would have to have a rethink.
(Source: "Mit Pendel und Wünschelrute" [With Pendulum and Dowsing Rod] by Rudi Ph. Weilmünster)

The chairman of the German chamber of doctors, Dr Rambeau, repeated the experiment in 1933 using 3 villages near Marburg. His result was clear: All incidences of cancer overlapped with geological fragments and faults. In evaluating his results, Dr Rambeau wrote:

"During our statistical work, we were looking for a house which was on geologically sound ground but still saw incidences of cancer, but we could not find one."
(Source: Biorays by Mayer/Winkelbauer)
Freiherr von Pohl coined the term "cancer houses" in Vilsbiburg - and although the term was not used again; is the study by Dr Rambeau saying the same thing?

Do "cancer houses" really exist?

Sanitation expert Dr Hagen from Stettin also looked into the question and obtained a list of cancer deaths from 1710 to 1931 from the Statistical Office in Stettin. He assigned the deaths to the individual houses and after listing 5348 deaths, he came to the following conclusion (extracts shown):

  • 51 houses with 5 cancer deaths each = 255
  • 15 houses with 6 cancer deaths each = 90
  • 6 houses with 7 cancer deaths each = 42
  • 1 house with 8 cancer deaths = 8
  • 1 house with 9 cancer deaths = 9
  • 5 houses with 10 cancer deaths each = 50

These figures are food for thought. Can you sleep well in your bed knowing that in the same house, perhaps even in the very same place, several people have already died from this treacherous disease? (Source: Earth rays by Willi H. Grün)

Our daily work shows us that not all people exposed to rays die of cancer. You cannot ignore the individual defence systems of the human body; everybody reacts differently. However, one thing can be proven:Earth rays weaken the body, individual organs or individual parts of the body and therefore provide "easy access points" for a wide range of diseases.

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