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Breathe freely with memon®

Air surrounds and receives all life on earth

"White men do not seem to notice the air that they breathe. They are deadened to the stench like someone has been lying dying for days."
Speech by Indian Chief Seattle

You must be aware of it: in city flats and in offices, the air often feels bad, sticky even. The result can be rapid fatigue, mucus membrane infections, headaches, unwellness and frequent respiratory tract infections.

The reason: The air's self-cleaning systems are blocked by high concentrations of toxins, electro-smog also increases the negative effect. Healthy mountain or sea air contains over 3000 negative irons per cm3, while in some city flats it can be as few as 100 or less. Measurements of less than 30 negative ions per cm3 have even been taken from the air in some offices!

A memon® Four-System Combi-Transformer ensures a natural flow of the negative ions (from the ceiling to the floor). This restores the air's self-cleaning function. Measurements have proved that the number of germs and dust particles measured in the air can be reduced by up to 86%! Even the finest particulates measurable (0.3 µm) can be bound and transported away. The air becomes noticeably fresher, and performance and concentration are preserved. Smells dissipate more quickly and people with allergies suffer less.

Breathe good country air in the city - with the memon® environmental technology!

We would like to explicitly point out that memon's products are not medicines or medical products in accordance with the German Medicines Ordinance or the Medical Products Act.

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