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Freelance work

Establish yourself with memon® technologies.

We offer our business partners the opportunity to establish themselves in one of the biggest growth markets in the world.

We offer our partners extensive training opportunities. You can learn about the background to growing environmental problems.

You can learn to help and benefit at the same time. memon® will support you with state-of-the-art administration and logistics technology. You can decide what you do and how much you do yourself. The unique memon® trade distribution system means the prospects are always good. Whether you see memon® as a career challenge or a sideline - we can come up with the right concept for you.

memon® advisor

As a memon® advisor, you can sell memon products. Your excellent knowledge of the technology and the way the system works will help sales, as will the extensive marketing measures implemented by head office. Extensive training and your above-average commitment will allow you to rise to the level of memon® sales manager.

memon® sales manager

By taking part in our comprehensive range of seminars, you can qualify to become a memon® sales manager. You will then have all the opportunities of a memon® advisor, plus you can manage your own memon® advisors and set up sales groups.

Centre of excellence

The centre of excellence is the top level in terms of work for memon®. As a regional centre with an area allocated to you, you are the central point of contact and training centre for memon®.

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