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Water Maturation Method

Bernd Bruns
Bernd Bruns, * 1941

Worked for many years as a pharmaceutical designer, starting work in 1974 as the lab manager at a large pharmaceutical company. Development of application techniques for water-dilutable and water-soluble paint systems in the research lab. Maintained what was at the time the largest amateur photo lab in West Germany. 1995 Foundation of "Alternative Energy", Wiesbaden. Since then, he has tackled the topics of water analysis, rainwater utilisation and solar technology. His expertise in the field is recognised well beyond German borders. In 1996 took over the NaturHeilForum in Wiesbaden; development of an innovative way of proving life media in foodstuffs.

WaterMaturationMethod by Bernd Bruns

The aim

By making the structure of a drop of water in a liquid state visible, it is posited that conclusions can be drawn on the quality of the water. Comparisons are made between spring water, various kinds of tap water and memon®-informed water.

The test

For water, maturation is deemed as any energisation or information influence, including poor information content. Electro-smog is therefore a "maturation" of water in the negative sense. Only structures which are found naturally are described as "positive". These could be, for example, structures similar to leaves or flowers.

What is important is the "natural" status of the drop examined, i.e. it is circular with a curvature in the middle. This is achieved by treating it with a "starter medium". The stronger light refraction in this test design allows the resulting colour image to be photographed using a special microscope and lens. This allows a Scale to be drawn up, with normal tap water in a poor energy condition at one end and spring water demonstrating a high level of positive maturation at the other. The better the water quality, the more structures resembling the cells of living organisms are seen in the water.

Here you can see an example:

Blatt einer WaldrebeBlattartige Struktur von Wasser
Clematis leafBy analogy: leaf structure of water

The results

This is an extract from the results, further details can be found in the book "Achtung Wasser" [Caution: Water] by Bernd Bruns. You can order the book here.

Leitungswasser, nicht harmonisiertQuellwassermemon® informiertes Wasser
Non-harmonised tap waterSpring watermemon®-informed water

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