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This method provides information about the pathogenic information (e.g. electro-smog, amalgams, lead, DDT, additives) contained in water, cosmetics or food additives. If you are exposed to it for extended periods, this damaging information can cause functional problems in your body. The vibration frequencies of damaging information is stored on globuli by means of information transfer. (Globuli are small white spheres which are used in homeopathy as carriers for the remedies.) The globuli are connected to the resonance device with a container. The procedure is exactly the same for your product sample. If the object to be tested is emitting the same frequency pattern as the globuli, the product is polluted with the damaging information. The reaction generated, also called resonance because there is a match, is indicated on a tensor.

Physical-Medical Resonance Measurement (PMR)

The aim

To prove the effect of the memon® transformer at various damaging frequencies by testing memon®-harmonised water compared to normal tap water.

The test

The Institute for Energy Field Measurement, Frequency Testing and Analysis (INEFA) used a computer-controlled frequency measuring device to test the presence of pathogenic regulation interference, such as e-smog, water veins, earth rays, cell nucleus membrane, DDT, mercury, copper and other disruptive interference in water. By configuring the pathogenic frequencies on the measuring device, the tensor shows a resonance or no resonance for the product being measured. If it shows resonance, this indicates the presence of a pathogenic vibration. If, for example, the frequency is set to 99.5 (e-smog) and the product goes into resonance, this means that e-smog information is present.

The results

Tap water with memon®-transformer system; polarisation plane: right-polar, frequency pattern in accordance with light spectrum: around 770 nm; Date: 23.08.2004

28 interference incidences19 interference incidences

The result "nicht nachweisbar" means that there was no resonance for the relevant interference, i.e. that the device used, in this case the memon® transformer, works.

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