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Crystal photography

Dr. Masaru Emoto
Dr. Masaru Emoto

* 1943 in Yokohama. Studied Humanities and Sciences at Yokohama Municipal University. 1986 Foundation of the IHM in Tokyo. 1992 awarded the title "Doctor of Alternative Medicine", introduction to the "concept of micro-cluster water and "Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology". Further research and worldwide trips relating to water crystal photography and water information. Many books published in Japan and translated into various languages. Positions currently held: Chairman of the IHM General Research Institute Inc., president of IHM Inc, and senior representative of IHM's HADO Fellowship.

Dr Masaru Emoto proves the existence of an invisible world

The aim

The process of crystal photography developed by Masaru Emoto allows us to prove the formation of water crystals and therefore the high quality of memon®-harmonised water.

The test

Crystals in Munich tap water were photographed by Masaru Emoto before and after harmonising with memon®. The shape of the frozen crystals allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the water. This is based on the capability of water to store water, information, music, words, feelings and consciousness, which has been researched by Emoto over many years. The water crystals demonstrate different shapes as a function of the status and quality of the water. Water in cities generally has a matt, irregular structure. Water crystals from living sources, e.g. spring water, often demonstrate a wide variety of formations, from simple squares and hexagons to delicate, shimmering crystals or hexagons (tortoise-shell) which indicate stability and vitality.

The result

Münchner Leitungswasser VOR der HarmonisierungMünchner Leitungswasser NACH der Harmonisierung
Munich tap water BEFORE harmonising with memon®Munich tap water AFTER harmonising with memon®

The crystal image of the memon®-harmonised tap water demonstrate a "tortoise-shell shape". Masaru Emoto commented as follows:

" ... after we had taken several shots, we could confirm that water crystals with good immunity always have a solid tortoise shape ..."
(Extract from the book "Die Botschaft des Wassers, Bd 1" [The Message of Water, Vol. 1] by Masaru Emoto)

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