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Air particle measurement

Air particle measurement using the model A 2400 measuring device from MetOne


In the energy lab, bio-energetic devices are used to carry out tests in the particulate range. The highly sensitive modern devices print out the results in the form of frequencies. By using different test techniques, we can give you information on whether there are damaging frequencies affecting you or the everyday objects you use everyday, such as cosmetics or food supplements, and what these damaging frequencies are.

The aim

A testing device is used to measure the particulate pollution in an office with and without memon© transformers and then compare the results.

The test

The energy lab carried out measurements of the smallest particle sizes in the air on various different days. The measurement device used was from MetOne, which is also used in operating theatres and in research and development to monitor particle numbers (clean room measurement).

Measuring period: 18th to 21st April 2005
Location: Office of the owner of a furniture company in Rosenheim
Room size: 25 m2, room height 3 m.
Room temperature: 20 °C
Room humidity: 45 %

In order to avoid external influences, the windows and entrance door were left closed during the measurements. On 18th and 19th April 2005, measurements were taken without using memon® transformers. The memon® Four-System Combi Transformer was fitted on 20th April 2005 at 7am.
The weather conditions were as follows: on 18th/19th/20th April 2005, it was rainy and on 21st April 2005 it was cloudy.
Measurements were taken for particle sizes 0.3/0.5/1.0/3.0/5.0/10.0 at a flow rate of 1l/m3.
The measurements were taken at a height of 0.80 m. The measurement was set for 5 minutes, with a waiting time of 25 minutes.

The result

 without transformer
 with transformer


(visual display of the diagrams, click to enlarge)

Particle size 0.3 µm
Particle size 0.5 µm
Particle size 1.0 µm
Particle size 3.0 µm
Particle size 5.0 µm
Particle size 10.0 µm

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