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Acupuncture measurement

Dr. med. Reinhold Voll 1909-1989

Dr. med. Reinhold Voll 1909-1989

In the fifties, German acupuncturist Dr. Reinhold Voll came up with the idea of using findings from Chinese medicine to research acupuncture further and make it more transparent. The method he developed makes it possible to recognise and treat the causes of illnesses at an early stage. In 1976, Voll presented his findings and experiences in this area in "Voll's 7th special supplement by the International Electro-Acupuncture Association".

The aim

By measuring the 40 acupuncture control points on the hands and feet, the aim is to determine the energy situation in the body when consuming memon-harmonised water compared to "source water G". Homeostasis is the capability of a system to hold itself in a stable condition, e.g. a constant temperature for warm-blooded creatures.

The test

A reference measurement was taken to establish the current energy status of the test subjects. Immediately after this reference measurement, the test subject was confronted with the other types of water. The time between the measurements was to be kept as short as possible so that all other influential factors remain as constant as possible. For example, the test subject was not to eat, drink or change clothes.

The result

These two pie charts show the measurement results for the acupuncture control points on the hands and feet, separated into left and right. The current status (without memon harmonised water) is shown in blue, the comparative values (with memon harmonised water) in red. The ideal normal range (50 to 65 units) is shown in green. All values outside the green range indicate an energy deficit or an energy surplus. The values with memon harmonised water are considerably closer to the ideal green range.

This diagram shows the standard deviations for the functional areas measured in percentage terms. The closer this factor is to zero, the closer the bodily functions are to the bio-functional ideal. After consuming memon®-harmonised water, the test score dropped to 3.

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