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Basic and information vibration

You switch a radio (or television) on to a specific frequency (corresponding to a specific channel, e.g. BBC Radio 4) This frequency or vibration (1 Hz = 1 vibration per second, 1 MHz = 1 million Hz per second) is a basic vibration. In order to hear voices or music on the radio, this basic vibration is modulated to an information vibration (= voice/music/pictures), i.e. the basic vibration transports the information.

It is comparable with the human body. Every cell, every organ of the whole body vibrates like a transmitter at a specific basic vibration (= life energy), whereby individual organs can emit different energies (vibrations) from the whole energy of the body. Of course, this has a specific effect. The information (the quality, order, composition and structure) shaped by this basic vibration is very important. This provides hugely important information about the health status of the person.
We all know from dark field microscopy recordings how healthy blood should look (blood image = information). If this image changes (e.g. formation of clots, too few leucocytes, etc.), i.e. if the structure / order changes, then the information content (information vibration) of the blood also changes.

The memon® environmental technology is based on the finding that every vibration also carries information with it. This information characterises a vibration wave as neutral, damaging or healthy.

Winfried M. Dochow, the developer of the memon® environmental technology, spent 20 years researching the information content of vibrations and their effect on biological systems. In doing so, he recognised that vibrations generated by technology and not emitted by nature itself generally have a detrimental effect on humans. This detrimental effect has been more intensively researched and confirmed recently in conjunction with "electro-smog".

Information vibrations which are transported on the basic vibration of water are particularly significant. The effects on water quality as a function of the information vibrations stored have now been extensively researched. Many findings on this have been published in recent years (see, for example, the book "Achtung Wasser" [Warning: Water] by Bernd Bruns or the Crystal Photographs by Masaru Emoto).

The solution

The approach to solving the problem was as logical as it was inspired: the damaging information needed to be removed from the vibrations. When researching the damaging effect of information waves, there was a "basic pattern" of potentially damaging effects which could be defined and summarised. In order to delete all this damaging information, Mr Dochow utilised the principle of destructive interference. The principle of resonance is used - which states that an exactly identical counter vibration to the information vibration, but with a different phase is formed so that the relevant waves cancel each other out. The basic vibration loses the damaging information and therefore the pathogenic effect. All known damaging information can be targeted in this way (i.e. only if they are there) and completely deleted. This applies to pulsed vibration fields (mobile phones, radio masts, cordless telephones), alternating current fields and electromagnetic fields (all electrical devices and cables connected to a circuit) and static radiation fields, but also to what are known as "geopathic interference zones", such as earth rays, water veins, etc. What is remarkable about this procedure is that no new information is 'recorded' onto the pathogenic vibrations. This is often the unfortunate consequence of other procedures we are familiar with! Another of the transformer's excellent characteristics is the fact that it shifts the polarity of the vibration into the right-polar range.

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