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Light spectrum

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The visible light spectrum is part of the overall cosmic frequency spectrum. Life on our Earth has only been able to develop and survive within a narrow frequency range. The spectral range of the visible light spectrum is from around 390 nm to 780 nm (expressed in wavelengths) or 4 x 1014 Hz to 7.5 x 1014 Hz (expressed in the frequency of the light). Our technical achievements, the frequency patterns of which are generally outside the natural light spectrum, are increasingly having an unfavourable effect on our lives.

The memon ipict environmental technology restores the natural status of the vibration spectrum to our everyday lives, which corresponds to the natural influence of sunlight. In the long term, this energy state is the best for the human body to live and develop vitality. By using natural resonance frequencies, memon environmental technology converts the energy spectrum into these natural parameters. This is especially important as we spend over 90 percent of our lives in artificially lit rooms and the impact of this on our health is unknown. Our entire hormone system is controlled by light in conjunction with its vibrational quality. This underlines the revitalising effect of the memon transformer.

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