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Information Polarisation Interference Chip Technology

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Ipict is a technology we have developed which is based on the laws of resonance and interference in nature.

It works on the principle of specific, energy quantum transformation and also uses scalar wave technology for specific transfer of information. Ipict is based on the physical laws of radiation and resonance and has a balancing effect on particulate vibration levels. This means that pathogenic information vibrations are completely deleted at the particulate level using interference. The damaging effect of this information on people, animals and plants is thus eradicated.

This technology also shifts the energy back to the energy focus of the visible light spectrum, which revitalises the environment once again. This energy level favours the functioning of all organic systems, as its natural effect corresponds to that of sunlight. Ipict is an integrated technology which shows the way to a healthy future, a future that is worth living.

Quantum technology: see Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V.

Ipict® is therefore a modern, integrated technology for a healthier, better future.

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