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Earth Radiation

Do you have problems sleeping, feel tense in the morning or feel listless and lack energy despite of getting enough sleep? Or do you have a serious illness? Findings in alternative medicines suggest it is likely that the place that you sleep is subject to geopathic interference zones (Earth radiation).

Geopathic interference zones are specific areas on the surface of the Earth to which detrimental effects on living organisms are attributed. The most well known are water veins, rock fragments, rock faults and the global and Curry reticules.

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For example, some water veins produce very strong radiation. It is not yet fully understood what causes this radiation. However, it is assumed that the friction between the water and the various rock strata in the Earth causes an energetic effect. The body absorbs this energy and reacts to the stimulation with imperceptible tension and a variety of problems.
After fitting a memon® Transformer (see animation), the radiation information from the water vein is neutralised. This permits calm, relaxing sleep.

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