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The principles of the memon® technology

All the transformers work on the same basic principles, the details of which are explained briefly below. Take a few moments to discover more details on the principles of our work here.

Our lives are shaped by polarity and resonance.

The memon® environmental technology is based on these fundamental principles, as is the way the memon® Transformers work. By using the principles of nature, such as the natural light spectrum (390 - 780 nm) and environment as the basis for all processes, the really important factors are taken into consideration. After all, the use of physical laws, such as that of destructive interference to delete pathogenic information patterns, is the perfect complement to the unique integrated memon® technology.


There are a wide range of vibrations in nature. Some of these vibrations, such as sound, light and heat, can be perceived by the human senses.


Destructive Interference

In nature too, there are not only positive vibrations, but also ones whose information quality can have a damaging effect in the long term. These include vibrations from underground water veins and rock faults. The memon® transformers can completely delete the damaging information waves from all vibration fields.


Light Spectrum

The visible light spectrum is part of the overall cosmic frequency spectrum. Life on our Earth has only been able to develop and survive within a narrow frequency range.



All cells are based on natural sunlight, are fed, preserved and controlled by light, because light contains all life impulses and frequencies. We need the light information contained in physical materials (e.g. in foods and natural medications).



It works on the principle of specific, energy quantum transformation and also uses scalar wave technology for specific transfer of information. Ipict is based on the physical laws of radiation and resonance and has a balancing effect on particulate vibration levels.


Earth Radiation

Do you have problems sleeping, feel tense in the mornings or feel listless and lack energy despite getting enough sleep? Or do you have a serious illness? Findings in alternative medicines suggest it is likely that the place that you sleep is subject to geopathic interference zones.



Light has a circular polarisation (rotating). As all life on our Earth evolved under the natural influence of sunlight and sunlight is primarily right-polar, the components of our bodies are shaped by this. Therefore, their vibrations are right-polar.


Technology Radiation

Our flats, houses and offices are interspersed with an inescapable network of technical installations. Electrical cables, household appliances, televisions and radios, machines and computers emit various different electromagnetic fields.


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