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The memon® Soloplus Transformer
The memon® Soloplus Transformer

Like the memon® Four-System Combi-Transformer, the memon® Soloplus Transformer combines the e-smog transformer and the air ionisation transformer. This achieves optimum effects based on the principle of integrality. All devices and cables connected to the Soloplus Transformer socket strip are harmonised and act as information carriers.


  • Restoring the natural ratio of negative and positive ions
  • Moves toxins and particles away to the floor
  • Reduces the number of germs in the air
  • Removes geopathic interference zones
  • Tangible improvement in air quality Harmonisation of electrical alternating fields
  • Reduction of physical and mental stress
  • Protection of the immune system
  • Increased vitality and quality of life


Standalone solution Simply plug in the devices and switch on. Please only use if there is no memon® complete solution installed in the building (e.g. Four-System Combi-Transformer / E-Smog Transformer / Air Ionisation Transformer), as the effect would be cancelled out.

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