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"With memon®, the water is as soft as my one-year-old daughter's skin."

The memon® Water-Transformer
The memon® Water-Transformer

The memon® Water Transformer specifically counteracts damaging information contained in water. From a chemical point of view, our tap water is clean, but it still contains information about the toxins it once held. It is also subjected to various pollutants on its way from the purification plant to our taps, e.g. heavy metals in the pipe system, e-smog from electric cables or geopathic interference zones. This means it loses its natural, harmonious state. memon® harmonises water!


  • Tangibly softer water which is gentler on the skin
  • Reduction of detergents
  • Reduction in limescale deposits in appliances coming into contact with water, e.g. pipes, dishwashers, coffee machines, washing machines and industrial machines of all kinds
  • The results when used with animals have often been increased fertility and milk production and improved growth
    Improved germination, leaf structure and growth in plants
  • Reduced pathological bacteria for water courses in agriculture
  • and much more


The memon® Water Transformer is suitable for all sorts of water consumption points, such as single homes or apartment blocks, flats, offices and factories, business premises, hospitals, clinics, care homes, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, laundrettes, farms and forestry operations, etc. For each unit (house, flat, office) of any size, you normally only need one transformer per water supply.

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