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Never has electro-smog felt so cosy.

The memon® E-Smog Transformer
The memon® E-Smog Transformer

The memon® E-Smog Transformer works across the whole power circuit, the devices connected to it and the electromagnetic fields. The harmonising effect is achieved both by destructive interference and by shifting the polarisation level to the positive polar range. The combination of these two processes alters the energetic properties of the fields and waves and they lose their damaging effects.


  • Harmonisation of alternating electrical fields
  • Reduction of physical and mental stress
  • Protection of the immune system
  • Increased vitality and quality of life


Single and multi-dwelling homes, flats and buildings of all kind, office, business and factory buildings, shops, hospitals, clinics, care homes, hotels and restaurants, ships, etc. All you need is one transformer per electrical consumer unit (e.g. LV HRC fuse, electricity meter). The optimum effect is achieved if e-smog and air are harmonised at the same time.

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