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The memon® Air-ionisation-transformer
The memon® Air-ionisation-transformer

The memon® Air Ionisation Transformer brings natural air back to the indoors. The combined effect of exhaust fumes, electro-smog, central heating and fine particles from plastics, carpets and furniture mean that good air is becoming increasingly rare. Added to this are air conditioning systems that strip the air of any last scrap of naturalness. Using Air Ionisation Transformers allows the natural vertical flow of negative ions to flow again.


  • Restoring the natural ratio of negative and positive ions
  • Moves toxins and particles away to the floor
  • Reduces the number of germs in the air
  • Removes geopathic interference zones
  • Tangible improvement in air quality


Single and multi-dwelling homes, flats and buildings of all kind, office, business and factory buildings, shops, hospitals, clinics, care homes, hotels and restaurants, ships, etc. For each unit (house, flat, office) of any size, you generally only need one transformer per unit.

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