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Sphere of activity of the memon® Water Transformer
Effective range of the memon® Water Transformer

The approach

In order to reduce environmental pollution in the long term, damaging vibration information must be deleted, thus eliminating its negative impact. At the same time, the immediate environment should be naturally harmonised so it has a stress-relieving effect and promotes relaxation. At the same time, we can recharge our batteries without getting overstressed. The most natural energy for the body is within the visible light spectrum, because life on Earth has evolved within the sunlight energy frequencies and so is perfectly adjusted to it. 

The technology

The memon® Transformers use destructive interference to free your surroundings of pathogenic information waves. Scalar wave technology is used for the transmission process. Each individual memon® transformer contains an informed carrier substance and is fitted so that the transmission field covers the selected areas (e.g. mains water, main electricity source, car battery, phone batteries, etc.). At the same time, specific energy quantum transformation is used to bring the environment back into the range originally intended by nature. (=Polarisation). This range corresponds to the natural visible light spectrum, which vibrates between 390 and 780 nm. Greater than 550 nm for this vibration is plus-polar (=right-hand rotation), less is minus-polar (=left-hand rotation). Many experience studies have shown that the plus-polar light range has a particularly positive effect on biological systems (animals, people and plants). Experience shows that the optimum wavelength is around 750 nm, which is why the memon® technology is harmonised precisely with this level.

The name of the renaturisation process, "ipict®" (= information polarisation interference chip technology) was registered with the German trademark and patent office in 2004.

The effect of all memon® products is essentially based on these two processes:

The principle of interference - positive influence on damaging information

The principle of polarity - shifting the polarisation to the natural right-polar range

The effect

The renaturised environment has been proven to have a positive effect on all organic systems and supports their natural functions. The countless positive reactions from our users and the convincing research and test results confirm the extraordinary effect of the memon® transformers again and again. With memon®, you can harmonise your living environment, improve your quality of life and experience unprecedented wellbeing!

Experience memon® - live memon®!

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