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What makes us move

If we reduce nature to that which we understand, then we are not capable of survival. (Hans-Peter Dürr)

In our modern high-tech world, we need perspectives that bring us back into harmony with nature. Otherwise, our way of life will push nature further and further onto the sidelines and we will lose more and more of the foundation of our existence.

Any ignorant little boy can stamp on a beetle, but all the scientists in the world cannot put it together again. Today, we believe that we understand nature, yet we are still destroying the foundation of our existence.

memon® environmental technology is in favour of promoting understanding for the way nature and people are linked. In the process, we want to encourage conscious handling of our resources. Every single person can help create the foundations for natural living in order to enable us a healthy and harmonious life - at one with nature. This involves new, expanded consciousness and the willingness to swap old convictions for new values based on experience, or at least to alter them. But "it is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom" (Albert Einstein).

Today, it is more important than ever to be open to new ideas and perspectives in order to provide a life in harmony with the laws of nature. memon® questions previous beliefs, dissolves blinkered perspectives and provides the opportunity to bring new, life-sustaining aspects into consciousness.

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Vision & aim: Technology and nature in harmony

Through education, the intention behind memon® environmental technology is to help consciously preserve the environment and its resources. It is important to us to explain connections in nature comprehensibly and clearly. If you live at one with nature, you strengthen your mental and physical health and you actually feel "on top of the world". To achieve this, you need a natural living environment and a healthy diet. But how can we achieve that when we are covering our fields with fertilisers, felling our forests and polluting our water and air? memon® intends to demonstrate that technology and nature are not mutually exclusive. Natural use of land and resources is easily possible, as demonstrated by all the organic farmers. The memon® technology also frees your tap water, air, electro-smog and Earth radiation from their damaging information and supports their natural functions. At the same time, we publish a newsletter called "Naturally Healthy" which reports on the latest findings and ways of preserving the environment and your health. Only when every single one of us understands the natural cycles and lives holistically can we create and maintain an optimum quality of life.

Prevention and environmental protection provide quality of life

Many people believe that all our modern technical achievements mean we have to compromise on quality of life. When they have health problems, they turn to a doctor for help. But wouldn't it be better not to get ill in the first place? "Prevention is better than cure", said Hippocrates the doctor way back in Ancient Greece. And the same applies to environmental damage, as this can only be prevented through active environmental protection. And we cannot stay healthy if nature is not healthy either. So memon® is aiming to bring man and nature back together again. Because you can change nature, but you can't improve on it. The vision and aim of memon® environmental technology is to return a natural, harmonious balance to all areas of life.

Experience confirms knowledge

As well as scientific tests, the personal experience of our users is of real importance to us. This confirms in practice what our research has already shown. Quality of life is improved, typical complaints relating to the modern civilised world are avoided and health is improved in the long term. This experience alone often helps contribute to a renewed awareness of nature. The memon® product range improves your quality of life and your well-being. Health is a basic need! The memon® products create a harmonised environment in which you can recharge your batteries, relax and stay healthy.

memon® researches in harmony with nature - do you live memon® too?

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