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Personal experience and the desire for improvement have often been the best sources for new ideas. And sometimes they can lead to something really big.

Winfried Dochow and Hans Felder
Winfried Dochow (l.) and Hans Felder (r.)

The engineer and technician Winfried M. Dochow found this out when he was forced to completely re-evaluate his life in the 70s following a severe illness. He searched for and found help in natural medicine after traditional medicine had given up on him. His complete recovery inspired him to research the links between man and nature more closely. Studying old healing sciences also played an important role, as these are specifically based on the interaction between man and nature.
In 1982, he began experimenting on avoiding and removing negative environmental influences which had long been recognised as causing or worsening many typical 'diseases of civilisation'. During the process, he developed a completely new technology which uses counter-vibrations (=destructive interference) to neutralise damaging information vibrations. In 1986, expert panels at the Leikos Institute in Saarlouis became involved in developing and researching this technology.

Between 1990 and 1997, this was followed by joint research in the field at the Ludwig-Bolzmann Institute and the Joanneum Research Centre in Graz. After several hundred thousands of individual experiments and series of tests, the first transformer was born. In 1992, Winfried M. Dochow also set up his own research establishment in Soltau, the "IbA" (institute for bio-energetic analysis).

Logo of the ipict®-technologie
Logo of the ipict®-technologie

In the years to come, the first sales to therapists, healers and private users meant the technology began to become more widespread in Austria and Bavaria. The year 2002 saw the start of a more intense sales drive. So Winfried M. Dochow put together all the final production and marketing processes and handed them over to the Rosenheim-based company memon® Umwelttechnologie GmbH, run by Hans Felder. This meant Mr Dochow could once again focus on his research work in order to develop the memon® technology further and make it usable in other areas. The technology has been registered under the name "ipict®" at the German Trademark and Patent Office since 2004. The technology from Mr Dochow is finding an increasing level of acceptance not only in the scientific community, but also among enthusiastic users, who talk about the "inestimable benefits" this technology has brought them. It is thanks to the vision of Winfried M Dochow, who stuck with his research even throughout the difficult early years, that many of the damaging influences in modern everyday life can be effectively tackled. Thousands of satisfied customers are now improving their tap water and air and harmonising electro-smog and earth rays. They are experiencing and telling us about increased vitality, more well-being and harmony and significantly improved quality of life.

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