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You can find quick answers to your questions here. However, if you still have unanswered questions, simply Contact us!

1. Why is the information stored in the transformers never lost, even after 20 years?
It is stored in the same way as a music CD or a tape, which can store information over long periods.

2. How can the effect be achieved without any energy sources, such as electricity or magnets?
Because it relies on the natural radiation field of matter. Every tree and every precious stone has a field of its own.

3. In what circumstances could a transformer be broken?
If it is opened or subjected to strong impact or the influence of a strong magnetic field, it can become faulty. If installed incorrectly, the transformer will not become unusable, but the effect may be weaker or non-existent.

4. Does removing and refitting the transformer damage it?
No, but you should be careful that none of the things detailed under 3. happen and that there are no significant changes in the effective environment, i.e. the size of the room, the water consumption levels and the power consumption should be taken into consideration. If you refit a transformer in the same place, you should wait at least three days before installing.

5. How much water should I drink in order to guarantee optimum detpxification?
The recommended amount varies depending on body size, age and external conditions. However, two to three litres a day is a good guideline.

6. Is one water transformer sufficient for my whole flat or my whole house?
Normally, yes. If you have two separate water mains, it may be necessary to use two water transformers, although smaller transformer models may be adequate. Your specialist consultant will be happy to advise you.

7. What is the best way to transport the transformer?
The best way is either in the original packaging or wrapped in aluminium foil, with the shiny side out and packed to prevent impact.

8. Does a bigger transformer have a stronger effect?
The different transformers are designed for different levels of consumption. A larger transformer does not remove more information than one of the correct size.

9. Does a transformer get weaker over time?
If used correctly, experience shows that a transformer will last for up to 20 years. The full effect is achieved right until the end of the service life, in the same way as an engine will run perfectly until it runs out of fuel.

10. What should I watch out for if I move house?
Avoid the things mentioned in 3. You need to make sure the transformer is the right size for your new home. If you have any problems with installation, please call our service hotline: +49(0)8031-402 231

11. Why are there different sizes?
The sizes are adapted to the consumption levels and the room sizes in order to guarantee the promised 20 year service life.

12. Could I feel worse for a short time after the transformer is installed?
Because of the homeopathic principle, what is known as 'initial deterioration' can occur.

13. Why do people react so differently to the transformer?
Every person is an individual with their own strengths and circumstances, so everyone reacts differently.

14. How do I order and what happens then?
In the 'Contact' section, you can find the details to call us, fax us, or send us an e-mail. One of our consultants will contact you and talk you through the order process. It also makes sense to fill in a sensitivity analysis so that we can provide you with specific advice as soon as we call you back.

15. How much does a transformer cost?
This depends on the specific situation. We will happily draw up a customised quotation to suit your needs.

16. How do you install the different transformers?
Detailed, easy-to-understand installation instructions are included with every transformer. You can easily install the motor vehicle and telephone transformer yourself. For the other transformers, your specialist consultant will be happy to advise.

17. How can I test what effect the transformer is having on me?
Doctors, healers and therapists who have a bio-resonance measuring device, bio-functional system diagnostics using the IMEDIS expert system or electro-acupuncture equipment or who can carry out the vega-test diagnostics using organ ampoules or kinesiology can prove the effect. To get a real impression, you need to do a 'before and after' comparison. Addresses of doctors, healers and therapists can be provided on request.

18. How many transformers do I need for a DECT cordless phone?
The base station must be harmonised using an e-smog transformer. It makes sense to fit this at the beginning of the electricity flow, i.e. near the fuse-box, in order to harmonise the all the e-smog pollution in the rooms connected. A telephone transformer is required for each mobile handset.

19. Why is information passed into the air through power cables?
The walls are shot through with cables to which various electrical devices are attached, such as lights, televisions, clock radios, etc. The current flowing through these cables and devices is used as a transport medium and antenna for the information.

20. Why does the water flow past the transformer and not through it?
The transformer has an effective field through which the water flows and which removes the information. So it is not necessary for the water to flow directly through the transformer.

21. What is inside the transformer?
Our transformers contain a control strip made of metallic and magnetic film and silicon quartz as the storage medium.

22. Why do I need less petrol if I have a motor vehicle transformer?
The repolarisation of the entire vehicle reduces air friction resistance, the effect is similar to on a magnetic levitation train, which can reduce fuel consumption.

23. Why is e-smog integrated into all the systems?
E-smog is everywhere these days, so this source of interference must always be included. Here too, memon works on the principle of integrality, which is why the water transformer is only supplied together with an e-smog transformer, and the air ionisation transformer only comes as a combined unit with an e-smog transformer.

24. Why is there so little scientific information?
Because the effect on the human body is individual and cannot be reproduced for so many different people. However, we do have numerous test results from recognised scientific bodies, see the "Research" section.

25. Why deletion and not superimposition or shielding?
If you superimpose, the existing negative information remains. Effective shielding would lead to functional problems. Only deleting brings the desired effects. Imagine an orchestra which is shielded, although you can't hear it, it is still playing. Shielding also produces reflections, the same damaging effects occur, just in a different place. Caution: 90 % shielding does not mean that only 10 % of the damaging effect occurs - 100 % of the negative information is retained. memon is therefore not geared towards superimposing, but towards deleting damaging information!

26. What is a Four System Combi Transformer?
A Four System Combi-Transformer is a combination of an e-smog and an air ionisation transformer. It is connected to the power source and is effective across all rooms connected.

27. What is actually transformed?
All information contained in the transformer is transformed.

28. What is quantum transformation?
Quantum transformation is the scientific term for information transfer.

29. What happens if a transformer falls onto the floor?
This may make it unusable, it needs to be checked.

30. Is the transformer also suitable for use outside?
Yes, of course.

31. Is the transformer insured on delivery?
Yes, in line with the delivery terms of the carriage company.

32. Can I return the transformer if it doesn't work?
All transformers are checked by our quality control department prior to delivery and work unless the situations mentioned in 3. have occurred.

33. How long does delivery take?
For standard models, generally around five days, for special models please ask.

34. Do additional energy-related products support the effect of memon® devices?
No, on the contrary - the effect of memon® transformer systems is impeded by combining it with other systems. You should therefore remove all devices before fitting the memon® system.

35. Will I be paying a premium phone rate to call +49(0) 700 / 25 500 500?
No, this is a telephone number that can be used from anywhere in the world. If memon relocates within Germany, this number will not change. It is charged at the normal Deutsche Telekom rate.

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